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FIC: Right On Time
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prillalar wrote in inukai_exchange
Thanks to hamburgerjack for pinch-hitting!

Title: Right On Time
Author: hamburgerjack
Recipient: whisper123
Rating: PG-13, there's a mention of undies
Summary: What sorts of things can make a man come home to his lover

Author's notes: I hope it's okay

When Inui came home, he was tired. There was food left on the dining room table, wrapped, with instructions on reheating.

It was what he expected these days.

He'd been late one too many time and though he'd been warned, he also kept forgetting to call.

He turned on the dining room light and sighed, putting his bag down on the table. As he pulled out his chair, a cat came dashing into the room.


"Oh…Kokone…" he said, going over to check the animal's food and water.

The grey cat sat next to her bowls, looking up at Inui expectantly. Inui grabbed the scoop for the cat food and was immediately admonished.

"She's already eaten."

Inui looked and there was Kaidoh. He was already in his pajamas, his hair looking soft and freshly dried.

He'd already showered.

"Kaidoh… sorry I was late."

"If you over feed her she'll get fat." he picked up the cat. "Isn't that what you told me? Inui-sensei?"

He walked away with the feline and Inui heard the door slam.


He wasn't a salary man. He probably should have been one. All indicators he would be one, despite his propensity towards mad genius scientist, but instead, he chosen the medical field.

Kind of.

Kaidoh loved animals and Inui loved Kaidoh and so he'd chosen something to link those things together. He was a great vet. The owners loved him. He gave detailed menus to each of his patients and spent a great deal of time caring for all of his infirmed charges.

So much time in fact that he was at the clinic rather late, updating his records and adjusting the prescriptions of his patients for maximum benefit.

Sometimes he couldn't imagine what the trouble was. Kaidoh did wish him well of course…

Though he also knew a lover's affection was correlated to the amount of time and affection they received themselves.

He took the saran wrap off of his food and looked forward to the warm glow of the microwave, seeing as Kaidoh wouldn't be giving him that when he went to the bedroom.


Kaidoh had lunch at the same place everyday. It was far away from his co-workers and their meddling and their conversations, but unfortunately, it wasn't far away from some of his old school mates.

Not that he hated either, he just didn't want to be interrupted either way.

Kaidoh was certain Fuji-senpai had a job that had nothing to do with this café and was no where near it, but he seemed to be here everyday. He was never eating. And he always seemed to know just where Kaidoh was going to sit because he was always already in the booth and there was no way he could escape.

"Hello again Kaidoh-kun!"


"Care to join me?"

Fuji didn't have a drink. He didn't even have a coaster. All he had was a folded newspaper. And he couldn't refuse.


Kaidoh sat and the waitress came over. She wrote a ticket and left it for him.

He ordered the same thing everyday and if it was a different waitress, the older ones taught the newer ones what his order was.

"How's your day going?"


"How's Inui-kun?"


Fuji always knew too much. He'd appeared to congratulate him about college, his first job, everything. He wondered if his senpai was some kind of one man weird Gestapo, with files and followings on everyone. If anyone was a data man, it was he.

"Oh? That doesn't sound fine. Is he still coming back late?"

Kaidoh looked at him, a bit annoyed. "What do you do for a living?"

Fuji just smiled at him.

Kaidoh flapped his tie, smoothing it against his chest and sat back. "Yes."

"Still being mean to him -."

"I'm not mean! I want a phone call or something! Fshuuu."

"Give him a reason to be on time." Fuji said, looking at his watch.

"I cook dinner! I clean! It's not as if I don't work hard too -." Kaidoh clamped down on his emotions as the waitress came back. He was surprised at himself. He didn't usually get so… upset.

Fuji got up, tucking his paper under his arm. "Give him a reason to be on time." he said again, starting to leave.

"Like what?"

Fuji looked over his shoulder. "Doesn't he like animals?"

Kaidoh just watched as he left, his food being set in front of him. He liked animals, Inui-senpai only liked a few things.

One of them was well, him. Inui-senpai also liked problem solving and data, which was why he was so great at animal diagnosis.

Kaidoh thanked the woman and began to eat.

What did that mean…


Inui got a message on his phone and didn't check it right away, he was with a patient. And it was attacked to his finger.

The lizard didn't seem to want to let go anytime soon and he held the gecko up in the air.

"Well, he certainly seems healthy…"

"But this morning he wasn't moving!"

"Was his hot rock on?"

"…Kamen Rider Liz doesn't have a hot rock."

"Well he'll need one."

"Liz is a girl!" the little girl insisted, her mother looking amused.

The gecko mouthed his finger a few more times.

Pretty enthusiastic.

When he did check his messages, after he was done bandaging his finger, he found a simple note from Kaidoh.

"Be on Time."

That was easy enough.

His secretary came in. "Sensei, we've got an emergency. Dog got into the medicine cabinet."

Maybe not.


When Inui got home, it was much too late. He knew it, he knew Kaidoh knew it and he hesitated in the dark hallway, taking a deep breath.

Kokone was waiting in the kitchen, meowing next to her bowl. Inui put his finger to his lips and gave her some kibble.

There wasn't any dinner and he took that as a bad sign.

He crept towards the bedroom, putting his bag down outside, going over a few plausible apologies in his head. He wasn't the best at "smoothing" things over. He hoped at least Kaidoh let him snuggle him in his sleep.

He loved that, he didn't want to have that taken away.

He opened the door, calling out softly.


There was nothing.

He opened the door completely and was shocked. Kaidoh was asleep, but that wasn't the point.

Kaidoh was asleep on the bed in nothing but his boxers and pair of fuzzy black cat ears.

Inui stood over the bed.

So… if he'd come home on time…?

His face turned red and he gave a little laugh. Well, it's not like he couldn't wake Kaidoh up right?

He loosened his tie and put his knee down on the bed, wiggling his fingers.


Kaidoh turned in his sleep, his hand knocking Inui right in the face. Inui hit the floor with a thud, his hand on his face in shock, his glasses crooked.

Kaidoh still appeared to be sleeping.


No response.


Kaidoh said nothing to Fuji and simply took a seat. He'd tried switching up booths, but Fuji was already there again and he was really just thinking of giving up. It's not like lunch with Fuji-senpai was bad.

Just weird.

"How did it go?"

"…he didn't make it."

"What did you do?"

"Something with animals." he said, the waitress bringing him his tea.

Fuji-smiled. "Do you think he'll be on time today?"

Kaidoh nodded.

"…is that a bruise on your hand?"

Kaidoh didn't answer.


Inui nearly fell on his face trying to get in the door. He got off his shoes and headed for the bedroom. He pushed the door open, arms out.

"Kaidoh! I'm home!"

And there was no one inside.

His glasses slid down his nose a bit and he went to check the bathroom. "Kaidoh?"

The front door opened and Inui stood in the bedroom doorway, watching as Kaidoh came in with bags. He set them down, got off his shoes, Kokone coming to greet him.


"I'm home." he told the cat.


Kaidoh saw Inui standing at the end of the hall. "Inui." He was stunned.

"I made it!"

There was a bruise on Inui's cheek.

Kaidoh smiled, gathering up the bags. "Welcome home."

"What are we having for dinner?"

"I don't know yet." he went into the kitchen and began putting things away, Inui coming to help.

"I'm sorry I was late yesterday."

"Mm hm."

"I'll try to be on time from now on."

"That's good."

Kaidoh noticed a quietness and looked over. Inui had his lips puckered and his eyes closed. Kaidoh leaned in and kissed his cheek.

"You should get some more ice for that."


Kaidoh passed him and began to put things in the freezer, Inui's hand on his bruise.


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Thank you for writing vet!Inui for me. Kaidou's interaction with Fuji was excellent. I'm sure Inui will never be late again. :D

Hee! I love it when Kaidoh punches Inui, even if it's a Freudian slip by accident. And my theory is that Fuji has a hidden camera there somewhere. :)

I love the idea of Inui as a vet and the way he takes care of his patients. Also, that of Fuji unexplainably stalking Kaidoh and Inui's lovelife. :D

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