Exchange Wrap-Up 2010
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And the 2010 inukai_exchange is finished! We had 15 stories in all and I hope everyone enjoyed both the writing and the reading. I know I did. :)

You are now free to re-post your story anywhere you like.

* Everyone who wrote a story, thank you very much! Double thanks to hamburgerjack for pinch-hitting!

* Everyone who commented on a story, thank you very much! Authors always appreciate your support.

* Everyone who linked to stories and posted about the exchange in general, thank you very much!

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Week 3 Round-up
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Another five stories! Enjoy your weekend reading.

Playing Pro by shikanashi_kk

Kaidoh Infinity by venivincere

Anger Management by aunt_agatha

Irrational Expressions by espial

Right On Time by hamburgerjack

Monday, look for a full story listing and the official exchange wrap-up!

FIC: Right On Time
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Thanks to hamburgerjack for pinch-hitting!

Title: Right On Time
Author: hamburgerjack
Recipient: whisper123
Rating: PG-13, there's a mention of undies
Summary: What sorts of things can make a man come home to his lover

Author's notes: I hope it's okay

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FIC: Irrational Expressions
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Title: Irrational Expressions
Author: espial
Recipient: manderskoinu
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3214
Warnings: Sex, blow job
Summary: Inui figures out that the ratio between Kaidoh's hip and waist measurements has nothing to do with how he feels.

Author's Notes: Please enjoy. :)

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FIC: Anger Management
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Title: Anger Management
Author: aunt_agatha
Recipient's name: kestrelsan
Rating: Hard R
Wordcount : ~3500
Warnings: Feet.
Summary: Kaidoh visits a counselor. Kaidoh is very dense.

Author's notes: kestrelsan, I really hope you enjoy this. I love your stuff and tried not to be too intimidated by that, but it's my first time writing inukai, so…here's hoping my skills improve in this arena! The premise is based on something that really happened to tailoredshirt, so perhaps that gives it some plausibility? Also, forgive me if I used the wrong honorific for a school counselor. So much thanks to longleggedgit for the really constructive beta! ♥

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FIC: Kaidoh Infinity
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Title: Kaidoh Infinity
Author: venivincere
Recipient: Everyone!
Rating: PG
Word Count:2,604
Summary: Three Things Inui Sadaharu Wants To Do with Kaidoh Kaoru (and One He Actually Does)

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FIC: Playing Pro
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Title: Playing Pro
Author: shikanashi_kk
Recipient: huabot
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1,884
Summary: In the name of tennis, Kaidoh finds himself in Okinawa and living in an apartment with a landlord named Inui.

Author's notes: Shiranui is from Higa-chuu. :D I hope you enjoy this! :)

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Week 2 Round-up
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Another chance for weekend catch-up! Our last week of new stories begins Monday.

Like, So Mature by marksykins

Space, Time, Telephone by prillalar

Look Here by huabot

Love Sucks, Play Hard by kestrelsan

After a fistful of near misses by alestar

Read, enjoy, give the authors some love. :)

FIC: After a fistful of near misses
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Title: After a fistful of near misses
Author: alestar
Recipient: aunt_agatha
Rating: R
Wordcount: 4432
Summary: Prompts: awkwardness, real tennis, staying over, rain. Or, Five Things that totally did actually happen to Kaidoh Kaoru.

Author's notes: (1) aunt_agatha, your prompts were stirring enough to wake me from my Sherlock Holmes coma! I didn't quite make it to NC-17 on paper, but I totally did in my head, and I hope you can, too. :D (2) Unending gratitude to poilass and bookshop, who read the same 4000 words over & over again, who freaking nurture me and prevent me from writing crazy things; thank you to prillalar for both organizing this festival and reacting with grace to my lack of organizational skillz. (3) For extra imaginings, please see a photo of Inui's dorm room here (, although certainly Inui's room has more posters and writing on the wall, and consider enjoying this song by Elton John, which seems to be about dope but is actually about Inui and Kaidoh.

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FIC: Love Sucks, Play Hard
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Title: Love Sucks, Play Hard
Author: kestrelsan
Recipient: espial
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3500
Summary: Inui tries yoga. Kaidoh goes underwear shopping.

Author's notes: Espial, thanks for such a fun request to work with! I hope you enjoy the story. Much love to prillalar for beta.

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