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FIC: Anger Management
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prillalar wrote in inukai_exchange
Title: Anger Management
Author: aunt_agatha
Recipient's name: kestrelsan
Rating: Hard R
Wordcount : ~3500
Warnings: Feet.
Summary: Kaidoh visits a counselor. Kaidoh is very dense.

Author's notes: kestrelsan, I really hope you enjoy this. I love your stuff and tried not to be too intimidated by that, but it's my first time writing inukai, so…here's hoping my skills improve in this arena! The premise is based on something that really happened to tailoredshirt, so perhaps that gives it some plausibility? Also, forgive me if I used the wrong honorific for a school counselor. So much thanks to longleggedgit for the really constructive beta! ♥

Kaidoh loved being outside when there was a breeze. The sky was blue, the clouds were out in fluffy shapes, the temperature was ideal…

"So, Mamushi, how do you think our Inui-fukubuchou is getting along?"

Momoshiro's voice tore him out of his reverie. He looked around at the other new members of the University tennis team with disapproval. He watched them roll their eyes as Inui lectured them on proper nutrition.

Kaidoh hissed as he leaned down to grab an ankle.

"Kitaoka-buchou isn't respectful to Inui-senpai," he grumbled. "And it's catching with the rest of the freshman. Yesterday, before practice, he criticized his training menus. They're good training menus."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. Buchou's always like that when you're around," Momoshiro said dismissively.

Kaidoh looked up sharply, puzzled.

"What do I have to do with how he treats Inui-senpai?"

"Ahh, come on, it's cause and effect. You wear a sleeveless shirt…Buchou stares at your shoulders and belittles Inui-fukubuchou. Don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"Baka! What does it matter if I have sleeves or not?" Kaidoh was annoyed, but also genuinely perplexed.

"Buchou has the hots for you, duh," Momoshiro explained, rolling his eyes. "But I guess you ask for that sort of thing when you dress like you do."

Kaidoh's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Dress like I do."

"You dress like a rent boy. It's no wonder you get so much attention from creepy old guys."

"That's. not. true."

"Nah. Remember that time at Seigaku when the team went bowling? And you were wearing a sleeveless vest that didn't even cover your stomach and the owner insisted on helping you put on the shoes? That shouldn't have taken over five minutes."

"But…that's not…"

"Koharu says you're a bear's wet dream."

"A what?"

"I wonder why Inui-fukubuchou never checks the width of my calves."

"Shut up about Inui-senpai." He was fuming. The idiot just wouldn't stop talking.

"And then there's Buchou, always watching you change in the locker room…"

"I said SHUT UP!"

Kaidoh attacked. He felt great satisfaction from clawing Momoshiro's overly gelled hair and hearing the seams rip in the neck of his favorite jersey. Served him right. Then he felt his own bandana get tugged off his head and the idiot stomped on it as he knocked Kaidoh's leg out from under him. They continued to tussle around on the ground, attracting onlookers off-court.


The sound of Inui-senpai's voice stopped him cold.

"Senpai, he was saying that…"

Kaidoh trailed off. On second thought, he didn't want anyone to know what Momoshiro said.

Inui separated them and turned Kaidoh to face him. His hands were warm and solid on Kaidoh's shoulders.

"Deep breaths in and out." Kaidoh did as he said. One of Inui's hands moved to the back of his neck and lightly massaged as he continued to speak. "Whatever it was, it can't have been that bad. You mustn't place too much value on the negative things that other people say."

Kaidoh nodded and glanced up to Inui-senpai. He had a calm and earnest expression. Kaidoh felt the tension melt away.

"I will remember that, Senpai."

"Perhaps," Inui continued, still massaging Kaidoh's neck. "Perhaps you would like to come by and study this evening? I have an excellent soba salad in the refrigerator that would meet your nutritional requirements perfectly."

This time, Kaidoh allowed himself a small smile.

"That would be fine, Senpai."

Inui grinned down at him, and Kaidoh wondered if eating leftover salad was such a good idea when his stomach was suddenly so jumpy.


University was different. Classes were harder. He stayed in a freshman dorm that was noisy and irritating. His parents got him a laptop as a graduation gift, which meant that at least he didn't have to stay there to study. There were good things, too, though. Tennis, for one. His attention to the game in high school meant that he was one of the best players out of all the entering freshmen. And Inui was there as fukubuchou, which Kaidoh thought was totally deserved. People ought to listen to Inui-senpai more, in his opinion. He'd missed studying and training with Inui-senpai. It was good to get back to comforting routines.

Last night was good. He hadn't meant to stay at Inui's as long as he had, but he'd completed all of his assignments through the end of the week and had the bonus of Inui's notes for all of his required courses. The salad was almost as good as his mother's, and Inui-senpai noticed an irregularity in Kaidoh's gait that he managed to fix with careful massage to the affected foot, then to the other. For balance, he said. Inui-senpai was so observant and thoughtful.

So it was in peace that he fell asleep that night. He had a rather bizarre dream about being fitted for a western style suit by Inui, who happened to be wearing rubber gloves.

"It is of the utmost importance to get all of your measurements, Kaidoh." The corner of his mouth quirked up. "Bend over, please."

Kaidoh woke with his hand already wrapped around his dick, so inexplicably aroused that it only took two strokes to come in a mess all over his stomach.

He wished he'd thought for a moment before he'd done that.

He went about his morning routine as he always did-- drinking an electrolyte shake; brushing his teeth; getting ready for his morning run; checking his email. Kaidoh frowned at his laptop.



Subject: Appointment


The counseling office has been notified of yesterday's altercation with your teammate. At the request of your fukubuchou, we have made an appointment with one of our counselors for a private discussion about anger management techniques. We feel that this will be beneficial to you and improve your relationship with the rest of your team.

Please be aware that the University's policy towards violence is quite serious. Any altercation severe enough to be considered assault must be treated exactly so, which necessarily includes the involvement of law enforcement.

If the time I've assigned you this afternoon does not work with your schedule, please call our office to arrange a more suitable one.

Oba Hiromi

Kaidoh stared at the message, anger bubbling in his chest. His fukubuchou? Inui-senpai thought he needed to see a counselor?

He noticed the very next message was from Inui. Perhaps the explanation was there.



Subject: Train tonight?

Hello, Kaidoh! I've been thinking about the way you walk and thought that perhaps the solution might be found in a set of special insoles. I took the liberty of buying a set for you to try. Though I have your measurements, I would like to make sure that they conform to the exact contours of your arches.

Would you like to train together this evening? We could grab some food after…my treat. There's a new ramen place next door to the pet store a few blocks off campus that's supposed to be quite something. It will be 58% busier than usual because it's Friday, but we could order it take-out if the line's too long. I also remembered some particular observations that your Modern Japanese History instructor found very impressive. They would help with your upcoming test. ^_^


Ps- You left your black bandana here. I've washed and ironed it for you.

Kaidoh was momentarily distracted by the mention of the pet store before he remembered that he was angry with Inui. There was no mention of the appointment at all.

He couldn't bring himself to respond.


Classes that day were tiring. He found it hard to concentrate on the lectures when all he could think about was Inui-senpai. Why would he do that and not say anything? Kaidoh hadn't even injured the idiot. Was Momoshiro supposed to go also?

The bell startled Kaidoh, causing him to knock his books to the floor. He heard footsteps approach as he gathered his things together.

"Need a hand with that?"

He looked up into the smiling face of Oyamada-sensei, his econ professor.

"No thank you, sensei," he said, bowing as he stood up.

"Kaidoh-kun," he continued, "I'd like to talk to you about your marks in class so far." Kaidoh blanched.

"I'm sorry, Sensei. I will try harder." Oyamada chuckled.

"Your performance has been quite good, actually. But…it could be better. You stand to become the top student in the course with a little extra effort." Kaidoh perked up at that.

"What would you recommend, Sensei?"

"Oh, special projects. Oral exams…that sort of thing." His eyes drifted to Kaidoh's mouth. "You do perform well orally, don't you?"

Kaidoh gulped, blushing furiously. He couldn't be suggesting that he…no!

"Uh. Sensei," he said tightly.

"Come to my office tonight after student hours. I can show you how to perform your extra credit in full detail."

"Thank you for considering me, Sensei, but I have a tutoring session scheduled for tonight."

He bowed and practically ran from the room.


The cafeteria felt like a safe place. There were lots of people.

He spotted the idiot halfway across the room talking loudly with his mouth full. Kaidoh steeled his jaw and walked over to the table.

"Did you get an email from the counseling office?" he demanded. Momoshiro stared at him with his mouth half open.

"Why would I get an email from the counseling office?" he asked stupidly.

"Swallow your food before you talk! This is ALL YOUR FAULT!" he shouted. He stormed off to the lunch queue and continued to glare from afar.

He caught sight of Inui walking in, smiling. Kaidoh suddenly felt like he was going to throw up. Perhaps eating wasn't such a good idea. He made his way over to Inui, only to find that he was sitting down at the table with a pretty girl. They were talking very animatedly, and Inui appeared to be having a very exciting conversation about bacteria in clouds or something just as ridiculous. For some reason this made Kaidoh even more upset than he already was. He stomped up to the table and caught Inui's attention.

"Kaidoh!" he said, smiling. "Let me introduce you to—"

"What do you mean by it, Senpai?" he barked.

"Kaidoh?" Inui glanced at the girl nervously.

"If this is a bad time, Inui, I can always…" The girl trailed off when Kaidoh turned his glare towards her.

"Natsuko, could you give us a moment?" Inui steered them out to the relatively deserted hallway.

"I don't understand, Senpai. Why would you do that?" he asked. He had trouble controlling the shake in his voice.

"Does it really bother you that much, Kaidoh?" For some bizarre reason, Inui had a dopey grin on his face.

"How could it not bother me?" he demanded. "Do you really—"

"Kaidoh," Inui interrupted, wrapping his hands around Kaidoh's shoulders. "Will you come with me this evening? There are things I'd like to discuss with you."

"Do you…think I'm an angry person?" Kaidoh hadn't meant to sound so vulnerable.

Inui looked momentarily surprised, but then his face became unaccountably soft. He reached a soothing hand up to Kaidoh's neck. Kaidoh shivered.

"No, Kaidoh," he said softly. "You're the kindest, most gentle person I know." He felt his breath get sucked down into his belly.


"I feel lucky that I'm one of the very few who get to see that side of you. Perhaps the only one outside of your family."

Kaidoh hadn't noticed how he'd leaned into Inui's touch until he heard Inui sigh.

"This evening, Kaidoh. Please." Kaidoh nodded. He trusted Inui-senpai.

It was only after he'd left that he realized: he still had to go to the appointment.


The counseling office was full of sniffling girls. Kaidoh felt really out of place until a very harassed looking guy with a platinum bleach job stormed out of one of the offices.

"See you in one week," came floating out behind him.

"Perverted bitch," he muttered, patting down his pockets and pulling out a cigarette. He looked up and noticed Kaidoh staring. "Don't you play tennis?"

"So? Don't you?"

"Tennis is boring. I'm in chess club."

Kaidoh grunted.

"You aren't going in there, are you?" the guy asked warily. Kaidoh consulted his piece of paper.

"I'm supposed to see Oba-san."

"Fuck, you're in for it." The bleach job's phone started playing a NEWS love ballad and he answered. "Fuck it, Taichi, I told you not to call me when I'm in an appointment … Yeah, well if you hadn't shown up for my chess match I wouldn't have to be here at all! … Whatever. Tonight … yeah, it can be your turn. … Taichi, shut the fuck up." He snapped the phone shut.

Kaidoh pretended not to listen.

"Look, take my advice and bring up girls immediately, alright? Trust me."

A bright, smiling face popped out of the office door.



Oba-san asked weird questions.

"Would you say that your fight was jealousy driven?"

"Why would I be jealous of that idiot?"

"Hmm. Any number of reasons."

"He talks too much and has stupid hair."

"He talks too much? What does he say?"

"He makes stupid comments and says things that aren't true."

"What sort of things?"

"I'd rather…I'd rather not say, Oba-san."

"You know, Kaidoh-san, sexuality is nothing to be ashamed about."


"I've found that 87% of all cases of exaggerated aggression are caused by confusion regarding one's sexuality," she explained, smiling.

Something about explaining it in percentages like that immediately put him at ease.

"Have you always had this high level of sexual tension with your teammate? Does it cause you to fight often?"

"Sensei, I don't think that he…wait. Which teammate?"

Oba-san's smile returned in full force.

"Please describe any and all examples. Be as explicit as you like." Her pen was poised above her notepad.

Kaidoh began to sweat.

"Um. The idiot said that Buchou has a thing for me. And he said the way I dress… invitestheattentionofcreepymen.

"And was he correct? Does the fact that he notices the way you dress mean anything to you?"

"Uh. Should it?"

"Well, he must watch you a lot. He wouldn't do that with such frequency if he didn't have a personal interest in you, right?"

"He wouldn't?"

"No, indeed."

"But he has nothing on my senpai."

"Oh, really? He watches you, too?"

"Well…yeah. He helps me train. He's a very good senpai. He helps me with my course work and my tennis. He adjusts my training menu and monitors me to prevent injuries."

"Monitors you for injuries?"

"Yes. Just yesterday he discovered an irregularity in my gait. He figured out how to fix it, though."

"Which was how?"

"Foot massage."

"He…massages your feet?"

Oba-san had a really weird expression on her face.


"You know, that's fairly unusual behavior between a senpai and his kouhai."

"We're athletes," Kaidoh said defensively. Oba-san smiled.

"What an interesting way to describe yourself! And does your senpai massage other places?"

Kaidoh didn't like this line of questioning. He was becoming uncomfortable and suspicious.

"That's none of your business."

"It's perfectly natural to want to be gently dominated by your senpai," she went on. Kaidoh shifted in his seat. She took a different tactic. "Exactly how long have you known each other?" Kaidoh counted.

"Over five years."

Oba-san's expression suddenly became wistful.

"That's a very long time to have been in love with you."

"My tennis wouldn't be half as good without his help. Wait, WHAT?"

"I'm sorry," Oba-san said, snapping out of her reverie. "That's the second time you've mentioned tennis, yet you haven't brought up chess at all."

"That's because I play tennis, Sensei."

"But… aren't you Kaidoh Kankuro from the chess club?"


Things were falling into place in Kaidoh's brain quickly.

Very quickly.

He walked around campus until it was nearly dark, thinking. It turned out that the counseling appointment had been intended for someone from chess club, and not him at all. This explained everything. Everything!

Except one thing.

At lunch, what exactly did Inui-senpai think he was talking about if he didn't know anything about the email? Kaidoh replayed their conversation in his head. Inui thought he was being accused of something, and told Kaidoh he wanted to discuss something. What? And why did he not want that girl to hear him?

That girl.

"Does it really bother you that much?"

The final piece clunked into place.


Kaidoh ran. He sprinted all the way across campus to Inui's co-op and rapped on his door, breathless.

"Kaidoh, you're out of breath," Inui observed, his brow furrowed. He guided Kaidoh over to sit on the bed. "I'll get some water."

He returned moments later with a tall glass that Kaidoh gulped down quickly. Inui kneeled down in front of him and placed two fingers on the pulse in his neck.

Kaidoh couldn't stop the shiver that escaped at the touch.

"Your pulse is racing, Kaidoh," Inui said, his voice laced with concern. "And you're shaking."


"Could it be you're still upset about earlier?"

"About earlier…" Kaidoh said.

"Natsuko is my study partner for chemistry. It doesn't mean that we will stop studying together."

"I see." Had that been Inui's only concern? Kaidoh thought about what Oba-san had said. She couldn't be wrong. Kaidoh glanced up only to find Inui's face so close, he could see his eyes peering out over the tops of his glasses. He felt his resolve renewed. "Senpai."

"Yes?" Inui replied softly.

"I like studying with you. And training." He nervously grabbed one of Inui's hands and cleared his throat.

"Kaidoh. I like spending time with you, too."

"And I like it when you rub my feet, Senpai."

Fuck. That wasn't what he'd intended to say at all. Inui didn't seem to mind, however.

"I like your feet, Kaidoh," he replied, voice shaking.

Kaidoh brought a hand to the back of Inui's neck. Their faces were so close that Kaidoh could smell Inui's breath. Which was surprisingly nice.

"Can I take your glasses off?"

Inui nodded hurriedly and licked his lips. Kaidoh removed them gently and placed them on the nearby desk.

He gently pressed his lips to Inui's. Inui gave a choked little sigh and parted his lips slightly. Kaidoh sucked his lower lip between his own and felt it with the tip of his tongue. It was soft, and plump, and Kaidoh wanted more. He slipped his tongue all the way inside, sliding it against Inui's own in a slow circle.

He wasn't expecting it when Inui wrapped his arms around Kaidoh's waist, but he liked it, and opened his legs to bring Inui even closer between them.

Kissing made him painfully hard, it seemed. He knew it must be poking into Inui's belly, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Not when he could suddenly feel Inui's own poking into his thigh.

It felt very long.

"Senpai!" he gasped as he broke away. Inui latched straight onto his neck and sucked. Kaidoh was ready to come right then.

"Let me, Kaoru," Inui breathed into his neck, hands at the waistband of his shorts.

Kaidoh lifted up hurriedly and Inui pulled them down at lightning speed . He left his hands on Kaidoh's ass, his fingers flexing and massaging as he gazed down at Kaidoh's erection.

"Your buttocks are approximately two and a half degrees centigrade cooler than your core body temperature," Inui murmured.

Kaidoh gasped.

"Keep talking, please," he whimpered.

"But I'd rather do this."

Inui wrapped his lips around Kaidoh's dick.


Kaidoh came exactly two seconds later.

He didn't remember hearing Inui unzip, but the warm splash on his calf told him that he had.

Inui collapsed on top of him, knocking him back onto the bed.

"Kaidoh, that was…that…"

"Was it okay, Senpai?"

"Okay?" Inui repeated, laying on his side, grinning. "You have just made eight separate fantasies come true."

"Only eight, Senpai?" Kaidoh felt he could do much better than that.

"Don't worry, Kaidoh. I still have one hundred and fourteen left. One hundred and thirty-eight if you count all variations separately."


"Watch," Momoshiro said. "I'll prove that Inui-senpai can't keep his hands off you." He turned to Inui, who was approaching with a notebook. "Hey, Inui-fukubuchou! I think Kaidoh's gaining weight."

"Oh?" Inui circled around Kaidoh. "Would you mind taking your shirt off, Kaidoh?"

Kaidoh removed it and lifted his arms above his head in a slow stretch.

"Do you want to take my measurements, Senpai?" he asked in a rough voice.

"I can tell by feel." Momoshiro watched, startled, as Inui smoothed his hands over Kaidoh's bare torso.

"How does it feel, Senpai?" Kaidoh asked.

"Exactly the same as it did last night, Kaoru." Inui glanced over at a slack-jawed Momoshiro. "Incredibly soft."

"Thank you, Senpai."

"No, thank you," Inui corrected, making a note in his book.

Momoshiro turned to Kaidoh with a look of general disbelief plastered across his face.

"Last night?!"

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Oh my god! This had me laughing so hard! Don't I wish all college counseling sessions could go like that.

Thank you so much! She was the perviest counselor. ^__^

So, I started feeling gleeful at the title. Kaidoh in anger management? YES, THANK YOU. And Kaidoh being hit on all the time, and not noticing! And Inui as fukubuchou! I love that idea so much. It is my new personal canon.

Also, terrifying counselor is terrifying, and now I am feeling very sorry for tailorshirt. Very sweet and funny.

Kaidoh's right- Inui deserves an esteemed position!

Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Yayyyyy I love this so much! ♥ And LOL NICE JOB WITH THE LAST SCENE, THERE. Momo-torture is always a good addition to any fic. :Db

LOL THANK YOU!!! Poor Momo obviously has a crush on him that just won't go away, poor thing, and he may not even know it. ♥

I adore this *so much*. It has so many of my favorite things--clueless boys, humor, Kaidoh as the object of everyone's affections, MOMO--and so many things I didn't know I loved until now, like Momo using gel! and Inui absolutely taking advantage of Kaidoh's cluelessness *g*.

Favorite parts:

"Buchou has the hots for you, duh," Momoshiro explained, rolling his eyes. "But I guess you ask for that sort of thing when you dress like you do."

I didn't think anything could top that for pure perfection until this:

"You dress like a rent boy. It's no wonder you get so much attention from creepy old guys."

Kaidoh = RENT BOY. I went to a really happy place there :D.

Something about explaining it in percentages like that immediately put him at ease.

I wonder why??? :) And I love that the counseling turned out to be a mistake--poor Kaidoh! He's such a dear. And then:

"And I like it when you rub my feet, Senpai."

Fuck. That wasn't what he'd intended to say at all. Inui didn't seem to mind, however.

Oh, Kaidoh :D. And Inui would absolutely have 138 fantasies involving Kaidoh Kaoru. Because, you know, RENT BOY. Sorry, I'm still on that *g*.

Thank you so much for such a fabulous story--it really made my day. ♥♥

askalkaskl; Do you have ANY IDEA how pleased I am that you enjoyed this? I was so unbelievably relieved, you have no idea.

Thank you so much for such an awesome reaction!!! I really appreciate it! ♥ to the nth

*dies laughing* OOoooh, my god, that counselor! *dies* I about coughed a lung out from laughing so hard. Kowai, ne? I adore your Kaidoh, and Inui, he really is so very patient and he feels everything way more than he shows, doesn't he?

Well done!

Wow, I'm so gratified that you liked this! Seriously flattered, here!!! Thank you so much!!! :D


ZING! Take that Momo!

Akutsu, what are you doing in chess? XD

LOL, thank you so much!!! Yeah, I figured that Akutsu would just hop around from competitive activity to competitive activity at his whim, you know? And he's totally smart enough to be a chess champ.

Hee, this was awesome! I loved the whole counselling appointment misunderstanding and Momo really does spend way too much time thinking about what Kaidoh wears. :)

Inui and Kaidoh were lovely together. I'm glad they finally got it on after all those years!

It's true, Momo's a little obsessed! I seem to recall a screencap of him looking at Kaidoh's outfit, right? Thank you so much!!!

I was *this* close to closing the window after seeing it was a futureverse, but I am SO GLAD I didn't! It got me hooked up until the very end. It has a perfect pacing and rhythm and was awesomely polished! I enjoyed every scene.

So funny that everybody has the hots for Kaidoh. And so true that the way he dresses is to blame! He's too hot and innocent for his own good.

The counseling issue was fabulous. I loved how the counselor got all the points right, in spite of having got the wrong person. Momo pays way too much attention to Kaidoh, and what Inui does with him is not normal. But Kaidoh enjoys it anyway. Superb.

Was that Akutsu and Dan TAICHI on the phone? Because Kaidoh should have known Akutsu from Jr. High. Anyway. Chess. Someone like Akutsu playing chess. And what is he exactly conceding to Taichi? ;D

I loved the way they come together at last, so easily and naturally, and the final scene with Momo. That was GREAT.

What a good read!

LOL, yes it was Akutsu! I figured that Kaidoh was staring because he recognized him and then Akutsu did, too. Yeah, the idea behind chess was that Akutsu hops from competitive activity to competitive activity at whim as he gets bored of winning all the time. And just the idea of him as a chess player makes me lol so hard. Oh, I think you know exactly what he was conceding to Dan, hehehe. -__^

Thank you SO MUCH for such an awesome comment! I really appreciate it!!!

*diesdiesdiesdies* This is brilliant. Everyone has the hots for Kaidoh. And despite that this is the future-verse, Kaidoh still gets mistaken for someone else. XDD I love the ending! Nice job!

Thank you so much!!! Yeah, mistaken identity is kind of a running theme for him, huh? LOL. :D

<3 I loved everything about this fic. I like Akutsu's chess club cameo, Kaidoh being the victim of mistaken identity, I LOVE his clue-lessness, his awkward confession, and Inui's oddly sexy data talk during sex XD

<3 thank you for making the InuKai fangirl in me happy.

Gah, thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it!!! :D

i love how you brought up that 'wtf bowling outfit' XD
and the part where Inui says he's washed and ironed the bandanna XD
XD and how inui being romantic equals talking about kaidou's temperature there.. this was so funny XD great fic!

I don't know how I missed this comment, but THANK YOU!!! I'm so pleased that you liked it and am so gratified that you liked the temperature bit! I have this idea in my head that Kaidoh doesn't just put up with Inui being all scientific and data oriented, but in fact gets majorly turned on by it (example being me listening to Inui reciting pi!). I'm glad that you liked that! :D

*high fives*

this was sooooo amazing <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
momo was hilarious~
thank you for this amazingness~

Thank you for taking the time to read it! I really, really appreciate it!!! ♥

Akutsu and chess! XDDDDDD

Thank you for fanfiction! Kaidoh very pretty!
Final - amazing!
Thank you!

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